Highpole, Steerman, Chase & Lead Escorts

We have 8 cert. escorts 4 with their CDL class A

NY ,Utah, CO, Kansas Superload Certified Amber light Permits for Nevada and Georgia

Fastcard, Nexus and T.W.I.C. Approved along with Ezeepass to eliminate Delays on thruways

CDL with windtower & Blade Experience Damage Free A.T.S. blade steer certified

Affiliated with Pilot cars in Canada & USA

Most of our drivers are Commercial Drivers with many years of OTR experience


2 Million General Liability - 2 Million Third Party Liability

Dee's Pilot Cars
Main Office
(705) 874-2561
Central Division
(289) 236-0191
(519) 831-4638
(519) 829-9696
Eastern Division
(902) 482-0607

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